project description

The Centre For S.A.L.T Expression (2003)
M. Simon Levin / Laurie Long

The Centre for S.A.L.T. Expression, was a fictional organization to foster and expand creative expression in the Wheatbelt at the International Art Space in Kellerberrin Australia (pop. 800). We encouraged people to think of new ways of exploring the environmental issues affecting the local landscape. For example members of the local community were invited to wear GPS bandoleers for a day over a three-month period. We then provided platforms to help them translate their daily activities into creative mark making acts. We were interested in the use of remote sensing technologies to investigate and compile multiple forms of mapping to explore how meaning is generated through patterns of interaction with the land. At the Centre, through focus groups and
educational programs, we then created an arena for dialogue regarding
local people's relationships to the hyper-salinated landscape.