project description

Glocal (2008)
M. Simon Levin, Sylvia Grace Borda, Jer Thorp

Glocal is an immense, collaborative and multifaceted digital art project that
examines the making, sharing and exhibiting of images in the 21st century.
Through various platforms, we have invited thousands of individuals,
(including artists, non-artists, educators, students and youth) to participate
in ongoing, multi-voiced, digital dialogues and to collaborate in the making
of what promises to be Canada's largest "contributive" digital artwork.
Through its complex of online tools, strategies and communiqués
(, classroom activities, and face-to-face workshops, talks
and seminars, the collaborating artists invite participants to expand ideas
around digital imagery. Through innovative computer programming, diverse
images are juxtaposed or reconfigured according to their formal qualities,
such as luminosity, colour, shape, and composition. Gallery visitors may
interact physically with the projected artwork by using their hands to select
images from the lower, horizontal part of the screen and to flick them
upwards into Glocal's constantly shifting and expanding visual dialogue.
Through these processes, we are interested in exploring how participants
reflect on the ways in which they apprehend and experience the world
through image-making.